HP Printer Wireless – How to connect your HP Printer to a Wireless Network?

HP Printer Wireless – How to connect your HP Printer to a Wireless Network?

There are different available methods depending on your printer model with the help of which a HP printer can be connected to a wireless network or making a HP printer wireless.

(1)- HP printer models with a display screen: HP printer models which come with a display screen on the top or front side of the device simply allows you to connect with a wireless network by providing a “Wireless Setup Wizard” which can be accessed under the option of “Wireless menu” displaying on the screen. Under the “Wireless Setup Wizard” you can find a complete list of available wireless networks detected by your printer. You can now select the network by which you want your printer to be connected. If the network is using the security, you will be asked to enter a password for the wireless connection.

(2)- HP printer models without display: HP printer models which come without a display screen use the USB Setup for wireless connection which is a software driven process. Under the USB setup it uses a temporary cable connection between the PC and printer so that the printer machine can be configured accordingly. After this when you run the software on your PC, you will have to follow the instructions which are displayed by the software. Following the correct instructions will successfully lead you to get your HP printer connected to a wireless network. Through this entire process it is to be also noticed that your PC is should be also connected to a wireless network. If you require any kind of help, please contact HP printer support to get your HP printer wireless.

(3)- Wi-Fi Protected Setup: Another common method which can be applied to both types of HP printer models (with or without display) is Wi-Fi Protected Setup (commonly also known as WPS). There are two methods available which we can find under WPS:

—(a)— Pushbutton using method: If supported by your router, Pushbutton method allows you to first initiate Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) on your HP printer, and then to push the WPS button available on your router so that a wireless network can be established.

—(b)— PIN using method: If the PIN method is used, your printer will provide you a PIN code which is to be entered in the router to establish a wireless network.

The above given all the three processes work successfully almost on all the available HP printer models. But, after following the above given steps if your HP printer is still not connecting to a wireless network may be a result of any conflict with the printer driver or software. In such a condition, going for any more settings in order trying to fix the machine by you may result in big disorders. So, it is always advised to choose reliable HP printer customer service by calling HP customer care number 1-844-865-7001 (US/Canada) and 0-800-368-6150 (UK) to resolve any of your unidentified issues related to HP wireless printer setup.

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