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Easy Steps of How to Reset HP Printer?

A printer is a part of hardware for a computer system. It allows the user to print files and documents on paper. Many printer models can also work as directly connected with Bluetooth or with a digital camera to print the documents without using a computer system. Nowadays, the printer is a very necessary machine for all the home users, office and corporate world. The printer can help you by changing files from hard copy to soft copy and soft copy [...]


Wireless Printing by HP Printer without a Router

If you don’t have a router, no need to worry. You can still enjoy wireless printing from your HP printer by using its smart features like “HP wireless direct” and “HP Wi-Fi Direct”. If you need any help, you may call with HP printer support for quick solution. Know more about HP Wireless Direct and HP Wi-Fi Direct: HP Wi-Fi direct and HP wireless direct are two important features offered by HP which allow us to make a direct wireless network [...]