Wireless Printing by HP Printer without a Router

Wireless Printing by HP Printer without a Router

If you don’t have a router, no need to worry. You can still enjoy wireless printing from your HP printer by using its smart features like “HP wireless direct” and “HP Wi-Fi Direct”. If you need any help, you may call with HP printer support for quick solution.

Know more about HP Wireless Direct and HP Wi-Fi Direct:

HP Wi-Fi direct and HP wireless direct are two important features offered by HP which allow us to make a direct wireless network connection between printer and our other Wi-Fi capable devices or equipments like computers, smart phones and tablets without using an access point or a wireless router.
When you connect through HP Wi-Fi direct or HP wireless direct of your printer it works in the same manner as if you have connected a new Wi-Fi device to a hotspot or any other wireless network.

From a smart phone, tablet or computer point of view there is no difference, getting connected via Hp Wi-Fi direct or HP wireless direct means the same as a HP printer already being connected to a typical wireless network works. To use a printer over HP Wi-Fi direct or HP wireless direct connection we should first of all make sure that for computers a “printer software” and for smart phones & tablets a “print application” should be successfully installed. We should be well aware about that neither HP Wi-Fi direct, nor HP wireless direct provides any internet connection for already connected devices. However with the help of a Wi-Fi direct connection to the printer we may maintain a simultaneous Wi-Fi connection between our mobile device and the internet.

How to get connected using HP Wireless Direct or to Wi-Fi Direct:

To connect your computer or mobile device you may follow the below given steps:
1. First of all from the printer’s control panel turn on HP Wi-Fi direct or HP wireless direct.
2. Now on your computer or mobile device make sure that Wi-Fi radio is on. After then connect to HP Wi-Fi direct or HP wireless direct in the same way when you do for any other wireless network.
3. Enter the WPA2 password when asked by your computer or mobile device if you have turned on HP wireless direct with security.
4. If not done so, you may start installing the printer software for your PC. From the printer software UI select “Wireless” as connectivity option. On the other hand for mobile devices you need to install the HP printer plug-in application with latest and updated version.
Choose Option 01: If printer is already connected with a network connection with installed software, have been using it over the network. Please follow the below given steps:
(1)- As already discussed above, just connect your computer to HP Wi-Fi direct or HP wireless direct connection.
(2)- No need to install any additional printer software. You may use your printer in the same manner as earlier, your computer will remain connected to home network and printer as well, but not with both at the same time.

Choose Option 02: If you have selected the option “Connect Later” during software installation or already using the printer with a USB cable connection. Use the below given steps in order to use your printer over the HP Wi-Fi direct or HP wireless direct connection.
(1)- As already discussed above, just connect your computer to HP Wi-Fi direct or HP wireless direct connection.
(2)- Just configure the right settings as per your computer operating system. Please be aware that all the PC operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 9 or 10 versions and Mac OS X requires different configurations. Wrong configurations may result in permanent device failures. So, it is advised to take help from certified technicians before making any changes or settings to your device. For this you may contact HP printer support to avail any kind of 24/7 instant HP printer help.

In some cases depending upon the printer model, it may possible that you will need to connect a USB cable temporarily between the computer and printer. For other printer models which are available with large display units, you will be required to use the wireless setup wizard from your printer’s front panel in order to establish a successful connection between printer and your wireless network. You can use your printer once the printer is connected to the network, no additional software installation is needed after then.

Following condition will be applicable only to Wi-Fi direct and not to HP wireless direct.:

Choose Option 01: Wi-Fi direct connection in order to connect and print with a mobile device capable with HP Wi-Fi direct:

(1)- Enable HP Wi-Fi direct on the printer. Set connection mode to manual or automatic.
(2)- Enable HP Wi-Fi direct on the mobile device (which should be Android 4.4 or upper version).
(3)- On your mobile device install the latest version of the HP print plug-in, version should be 1.0.48 or upper.
(4)- Now on your mobile device, chose any document with a print enabled application. The printer will be automatically show printer model name on a list of available printers, but the printer should be within Wi-Fi range of your mobile device.
(5)- Now you may choose the printer and select print. If the mode on printer is set as automatic, your mobile device will connect automatically to the printer and will start printing the document. If the HP Wi-Fi Direct mode on the printer is set as manual, you will have to command the connection to print by touching the printer display or HP Wi-Fi Direct button when asked or by entering a PIN code.

Choose Option 02: Wi-Fi direct connection in order to connect and print with a device with Windows 8.1 OS:

(1)- Enable HP Wi-Fi Direct on your printer.
(2)- Now click or touch the magnifying glass icon displaying in the top right corner, from the Windows Start menu.
(3)- Type Devices and Printers in the available search field and then press Enter.
(4)- When the Devices and Printer window appears, just click on Add a Device option at the very top left corner.
(5)- Choose the HP Wi-Fi direct name to be installed on it and click on the Next button.
(6)- Now you will get a PIN code displayed on the front panel of your printer.
(7)- When asked, enter this PIN code under the Add a Device wizard option on your computer and click – Next.
(8)- Now the print drivers will get installed and a icon of a newly installed printer can be seen in the window of Devices and printers.

If you need any further assistance about how to make proper use of applications like HP Wi-Fi direct, HP wireless direct or HP wireless printer setup, you may simply get instant help by the certified technicians of HP printer support by calling toll-free on HP printer support phone number 1844-865-7001(US/Canada) and 0800-368-6150 (UK).

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