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Factors Affecting Print Quality Of Laser Printers

It can be very frustrating when your expensive laser printer produces terrible quality prints. Printers are complicated devices, and they need proper care and maintenance. Let us examine several factors which impact a laser printer’s print quality.

Regular cleaning and servicing

Cleaning and servicing the peripherals from time to time can make them last longer by protecting them from dust. One should not ignore the maintenance of their printer. Omitting routine cleanings may be a cause of the reduced performance and accumulation of dust damages the machinery. If your printer stays idle for long periods of time, then you should consider cleaning its print head.

Know how to store extra toner cartridges

Toner cartridges should always be stored in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight. If you use the printer on a regular basis, or you anticipate that you will need to print a number of sheets in the coming future, then it is always handy to keep a couple of spare toner cartridges. However, toner cartridges can get easily damaged. Hence it is essential for you to know how to store them properly. Usually, toner cartridges last up to two years from the manufacture date. Keep them in the packaging itself and store them in a cool place. Moreover, avoid keeping them in humid areas as moisture can ruin them.

Change the printer settings

Use the highest resolution graphics image available to enhance the print quality of pictures. Resolution or DPI and print quality go hand in hand. If one increases, the other increases and vice versa. Do not compress images and then print them. To get the premium image quality, change the settings. In the Print screen that appears after clicking on print, go to the Properties tab. There, choose Best Image in the highest quality choice. Moreover, do not cheap out on paper. After that, click on OK and you will get a good quality print.

Change the print speed

At times, changing the print speed can also enhance the print quality. Users might need to make a few adjustments to the speed after printing a couple of photos, as they will get a better understanding of which the rate goes well with specimen picture results. If the printed photo has high color saturation or ink blots, then it means that you need to increase the print speed. On the other hand, if the prints are very light, then you need to decrease the print speed.

Keep the printer at a proper location

Location can have an effect on the performance of the laser printer. Excessive heat and humidity can deteriorate its performance and print quality. Place the printer in a place which is well-ventilated. Also, make sure that it is not kept in direct sunlight. Also, do not put devices which generate heat in the proximity of printers. Make sure that the paper is dry. If a damp paper is used for printing, then the temperature of the fuser may cause wrinkles in the sheet. Moreover, ink will not set on wet paper.