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How to Add Sketches to Messages Sent via Mail App

Windows 10 really has opened avenues for collaboration. The new Mail app has a simplistic user interface that allows users to send and receive emails at ease. Furthermore, you may use it to link multiple accounts; hence, you can have all your mail in one place! So it does not matter which popular service provider you have signed up for; all you need are the login credentials, and you are good to go.

Recently, Microsoft released the Ink support for the Mail app, and now you can even add drawings in your emails and letters. You can add this drawing either through a pen (preferably one that supports Windows Ink) or input a drawing using your finger.

Steps to Add Sketches to Messages

  1. Open the Mail app present in the Start menu.
  2. Create a new letter.
  3. Locate “Draw” in the top ribbon.
  4. Scroll the cursor into the message body.
  5. Just below the toolbar menu, various options will now be available (like pen type, color, thickness, etc.) click on “Drawing Canvas.”
  6. Begin drawing, writing, or sketching inside the Drawing Canvas worksheet.

Take Notes over Images

In the Mail App, you can also draw over images or make notes on them. Here’s how:

  1. Reply to a message or create a new message on the Mail app.
  2. Choose the “Insert” tab and choose the picture (from your local directory) that you wish to insert in your message.
  3. You can now draw, write, or sketch on top of or next to any picture.

The Mail app allows the users to choose the pen color, thickness, and type of pen. You can do so by clicking on the green “+” symbol present next to the pen. The drop-down menu will offer a range of thickness and colors that you could choose in your sketch.

With the Windows Mail App – happy drawing!