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How to Turn Notification Sound On or Off in Windows 10?

Windows 10 gives notification in the right corner of the display from the modern applications you have installed in your computer or whenever you plug in a new device in the system. The notification is always followed by a sound to get the attention of the user or we can say to notify about the task. The whole notification system in Windows 10 is completely evolved from the previous versions but the sound of it might disturb you or distract you from work. Well, there is a solution to get rid of these annoying sounds. Yes, Windows 10 has an inbuilt feature that will help you to turn the notification sound on or off. If you are annoyed with the sound ding and feeling complicated while doing so, then don’t bother to follow the steps and mute the notifications popping up on your display.

How to Turn Notification Sound On or Off in Windows 10

How to turn notification sound on or off in Windows 10

  1. Press Windows Key + X to open the Quick Access Menu
  2. Select Control Panel from the menu
  3. Now, click Sound option in panel
  4. Sound settings box will open
  5. Click the Sound tab from the upper bar and go to Notification
  6. Click the down arrow beneath “Sounds:” and scroll up to the top of the list
  7. Select None to turn off the notification sound
  8. Now click Apply and then Ok

There is another way to turn on or off the notification sound

  1. If you move your mouse cursor to the right side of the display in Windows 10, charms will open
  2. From the bar, click Settings
  3. Go to System and click Notification & Actions
  4. From the right portion of the window, you can choose what notification you would want to receive
  5. To turn off the notification sound, click on the toggles buttons
  6. If you toggle on the Get notifications from these senders option, you can select the apps or programs individually to receive notification

If you think that you are missing the critical notification, then you can enable the notification sounds by following the same steps. In the former solution, choose a sound from the list in the Sound Settings and click Test. If the sound pleases, then Apply the sound as your notification tune.

Remember in the latter solution, all you have to do is to toggle on the buttons in the settings. It will enable the notification sounds and you will not miss any notification.

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